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Bianca is Dragon Quest V: Hand Of the Heavenly Bride

Bianca is a grown woman (age of 26-30) who appeared in Dragon Quest 5. She is an old friend of the hero in that game and can be chosen as his wife out of the 2. (3 in DS)


Bianca has appeared in 2 crossovers so far.

Itadaki Street DSEdit


Bianca in her first crossover.

Bianca makes her first crossover in the Mario series in Itadaki Street DS as one of 11 playable DQ characters. Bianca's hair and clothes are collectible items in Itadaki Street DS.

Boom StreetEdit

Bianca made her second crossover in Boom/Fortune Street for the Wii. She is


Bianca in Slimenia.

one of the 13 characters of Dragon Quest that is playable. She is ranked B in this game.


Bianca's profile in Boom Street from the North American website is "Even with a bit of tomboy in her youth, Bianca has grown up to be a kind and gentle woman. But she still makes daring moves here and there!"


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