Jessica Albert (jap. ゼシカ・アルバート) is a woman who appearred in Dragon Quest 8. She comes from Alexandria and she is the only character in the party who can change her outfit.(exept the hero's one costume). Jessica is more of a Mage party member. When she joins you, she is Level 9 and around 30-40 HP. She comes with Frizz and Sap, and has made 3 crossovers.


Itadaki Street DSEdit

Itadaki Jessica

Jessica talking to the player.

Jessica has made her first crossover as one of the 11 playable DQ characters for this game. Her hair and clothes are collectables.

Boom StreetEdit

Jessica has made an appearance for Boom Street. She is unlocked by completing the Robbin' Hood Ruins board 1st or second, and she is a S ranked character.


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